About Us

Rajshree, oldest and most colossal manufacturer of tea in Chhattisgarh, is a growing family that provides fast moving consumer goods to motivate customers to live a larger life with an improved standard. We vend top notch quality of goods like soap, tea, edibles,etc that help people take care of themselves and their families. We have a far-reaching vision of launching a wider range of products within our position in the market which is growing a mile a minute. We are constantly working to become a part of the daily lives of our consumers that they appreciate the most.

Our team consists of a bunch of enthusiasts who craft and sell premium quality of goods. We have a well established distribution network spread across the nation to be able to reach consumers situated in every state.

Our Journey

Rajshree group commenced its activities in 1989 on a positive note with an aim to fulfill the requirements of Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh when they were united. The state was deprived of tea tasters and packagers and were not aware of the exceptional and diverse qualities of tea. Surpassing the dominant companies in the market, we introduced the finest variations of tea followed by preserving the tradition of manufacturing handmade vermicelli in 2000 and manufacturing soap made using Malaysian soap noodles was set in 2005.

The venture that began as an attempt to bring people closer to variations of tea available gradually matured as on the fastest growing FMCG companies in the market favoured by the consumers. We’re now on our journey to expand our horizon with an ever increasing list of exquisite commodities and conquer hearts of those utilizing and choosing our products over the rest.

Our products

We surveyed, researched and studied the ultimate requirements of the consumers. Based on the outcome, we manufacture commodities with maximum utility that suit their expectations and standards. We take pride in respecting their individual needs and catering to them with the diverse range of products that we host.

Aim and Mission

We solely intend to abide by the highest grade of production and delivery to make and maintain a mark not only in the market but in the hearts of people. We prioritize the well being of consumers with a mission to become the world’s most consumer-gratifying brand.


We believe in keeping integrity intact by delivering value to our customers without compromising on the efficiency of our processes and effectiveness of our products.

Entrepreneurship and Responsibility

We strive to maintain a culture of work that respects the workforce, society, corporate community and entrepreneurial spirit to ensure success and maintain credibility of the brand. We understand our responsibility towards the society and ensure that none of our activities deteriorate either the environment or the society in any way.

Rajshree, with the help of the great minds of its leaders is abiding by ethical and corporate protocols to make a difference in the lives of the team, consumers, society and the nation as a whole.

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