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Rajshree New Pack


Artfully handpicked and processed high grown blends make Rajshree New Pack the perfect blend of flavour, colour, strength and taste delivered in every sip. The journey of your cup of tea begins much before you start stewing it. Right from garden-fresh plantations across the country to your cup, this tea has a rich and smooth flavour that provides nutrition and appeals your palate.

The enticing taste of it spreads all over your senses to awaken every corner of your mind. The lingering aftertaste of this indispensable beverage of your life inspires great conversation and ensures you have a memorable time with the guests that arrive.


It is packed with an essence of nature with care and detail that immediately incites a wave of ecstasy in you. An evening with friends complemented with a refreshing dose of tea will make you feel at home.


Quali-tea experience


As you wake up each day to follow your heart’s desire, the strong and stimulating taste of Rajshree New Pack in your cup will give your day an inspirational rise. Drinking it is a simple pleasure that has the capacity to enthral and please you one cup at a time.


Flourishing green tea-gardens that nestle in the foothills are nurtured by showers and sunlight enough to add a great deal of charm and a dash of nutrients in your cup. With appropriate care and attention, we pack the tea in an airtight package to ensure that it remains as fresh, clean and flavorful as possible.


With every slurp, this golden drink will not only bring mental alertness and health benefits but also bring wisdom, happiness and energy to you. Brew it with milk or boiled water, sugar and spices to get a warm hug in your mug.


A cup of health


Along with the magic of this simple yet reviving drink that captures the taste buds of all, it also provides benefits to your health. This invigorating tea is a complete stress reliever that re-energizes your body and mind.


It is a health elixir that adds glow to your skin, revitalizes, gives mental clarity and aids reduction of stress and anxiety. Above all these perks, it boosts your metabolism and detoxifies your body.


Alleviating your tired muscles, a few sips of this tea can cure your morning sickness, treat colds, boost your immune system and help with skincare. Fill your cup with scrumptious tea made using Rajshree New Pack to fill your life with fine health and wisdom.


Add Rajshree New Pack to your routine


The ideal morning ritual is to start your day with a hot and delicious cup of tea. Wake up to an enriching therapy filled to the brim that will help you steer away from your weekday blues.


The full-bodied taste of Rajshree New gives you a feeling of ecstasy that can convert any tea-drinker to a tea-lover. Blended with just the right amount of freshness to kick the senses, it will leave you with an unforgettable taste and your palate feeling bliss-kissed.


Illuminate every moment of your day by recharging your energy with Rajshree New Pack’s cup of peace.

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10 Rs, 100 Gm, 5 Rs, 250 Gm

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Leaf, Dust