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Rajshree 16 Anna


Remarkably traditional Rajshree 16 Anna is an exquisite blend of fine tea and top quality ground aromatic cardamom. The dense aroma of cardamom wafting from a piping hot cup of tea speaks of its stout body and rich taste.


This sublime blend of fine tea, naturally rich in antioxidants, helps to reduce the harmful effects that stress and pollution may have on your body. Consuming this tea by adding a hint of ginger can refresh you like a 5-minute vacation on a busy day.


Picked from among the choice foothills of India, the expert blenders have consistently worked to infuse a perfect combination of the subtlety of leaves and original cardamom to make every sipping from your first tea in the morning to a mid-afternoon high tea special.


The charm that it brings


The authentic taste of Rajshree 16 Anna can satiate the tea lover in you every time you take a serve. Excite your taste buds with the seasoning of cardamom tossed in with distinct tea and warm milk/water.


The addition of this common spice of every Indian household to tea is more than just a green pod that has a lot to offer. It contains vitamin C that stimulates blood circulation which leads to healthy and supple skin. It also possesses qualities of strengthening your hair roots and offers lustre to the strands.


The fusion of nutritious cardamom and wholesome tea leaves sets this product apart and keeps the customers hearty, joyous and healthy,


Healthy and Refreshing


A cup of Rajshree 16 Anna resembles a cup of wellness and is an eminent choice to boost your immunity and health. Adding it to your daily routine can bring significant health benefits including improved metabolism and detoxification of the body.


Fresh from the farm to your teapot, a brew of this antioxidant-rich tea can-


– Improve digestion

– Relax your senses

– Enhance blood circulation

– Beat bad breath

– Keep cavities at bay


The crisp and mellow flavour undertone with gentle cardamom makes the drink smooth and full-bodied, a blend to remember. It waives off mental as well as physical fatigue, lowers blood pressure and ensures a healthy heart.


Try Rajshree 16 Anna


It contains all-natural and vital elements to enliven your mood, make you enthusiastic and work wonders for your well being. It proves to be a soothing, healthy oasis at any time of the day by creating an adrenaline rush in the body when you’re low in spirits.


It can calm you when nervous, give warmth when you’re cold and add wisdom to your thoughts when you’re lost. Embrace Rajshreee 16 Anna hot and fresh with your favourite savouries with the company of family and friends and indulge in what feels like an experience to remember.


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Rajshree 16 Anna