Pasta Fusilli







Filling every ounce with supreme taste and texture, Pasta is made using top-end durum wheat and semolina for you to dress in various sauces and savour. Ensuring hygienic conditions and simon-pure process, this Italian product is made using bronze dyes which helps the pasta in clinging maximum amount of dressing, thick or thin making it taste even better.


A dish that is sourced from Italy but can be made using various mix of veggies, seasonings and culinary methods, pasta, can be relished as breakfast, snack or even a main course sided with garlic bread. The smooth texture and apt thickness of this pasta makes it easy to cook within minutes. A great option to fuse with continental dishes, this pasta is a healthier option made with durum wheat semolina instead of all purpose flour.


Desi Indian Tadka


Available in a twisted spiral shape fusilli and a hollow marrow shaped macaroni, this mouthwatering dish is further extended to a spicy desi version popular in India. Prepared using simple ingredients like onions, bell pepper, tomato puree, loads of spices, coriander, cream, a thick red sauce fills the hollow spaces of macaroni and sticks well to the fusilli and veggies give an irresistibly tempting crunch to the pasta. Macaroni is also prepared using a thick white sauce prepared using milk, cheese, butter, black pepper, semolina and all purpose flour which is widely savoured and loved all over the nation.


The Indian version of pasta doesn’t mandate the use of a ready made sauce and is open ended for you to use any combination of veggies and spices to make your own delicious saucy pasta. People also use mayonnaise to give this Indian version of pasta a creamy texture. Using our pasta to cook your Indian version will give you an expert like culinary experience with its nature of being cooked that is neither less or more but just perfect each time.


Guilt free snacking


The ingredients of this Pasta drive the myth of pasta being unhealthy away. It contains dietary fiber and is profuse in vitamins, minerals and iron. It is all natural and is made by focusing on it nutritional value.


Every bite of Pasta is true to Italian taste and finish.

One of the most common cereals is the prime ingredient of pasta that makes it healthy for the heart and appealing to the palate. It gives pasta the wholesome goodness of vitamins, protein, zero fat, low sodium and low glycemic index.


Add the joy of eating to your life with pasta without worrying about deteriorating your health as we promise your well being in every spoonful.


One dish, many ways


The subtle taste of Pasta allows you to savour it in numerous ways. Combine it with veggies, sauces, bake it or use it as a base for your lasagna, pasta flourishes like a star in every dish. Made with expert craftsmanship, this premier pasta cooks just perfectly every time.


Monotony is never a feeling pasta can give because it can be consumed in various ways and combinations. Apart from being savoured as an individual treat, pasta proves to be a great choice for filling sandwiches and rolls as well. With no boundaries to choice, multifaceted nature of pasta fascinates every age group.


Pasta for your feast


Our utmost focus has always been prioritizing our consumers health and palate which is why we use top notch quality of ingredients to deliver an all round treat to your dish. Get your hands on Pasta and revel in the wondrous indulgence of this Italian treat.


Packed in airtight packets, this foodstuff has a great shelf life and can be enjoyed anytime of the day. Be it a formal event or a casual party, Pasta makes a superhit dish and effortlessly becomes the star of the evening. The toothsome dish will become your first choice of snack over and over again. Grab a pack of Pasta, cook it the way you love and entice in the flavoursome experience of Pasta.


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