Vanshree Jasmine Soap





Vanshree Jasmine Soap


Our Vanshree Jasmine soap has an aroma so wonderful that it will give you the much needed relaxation that you need for your mind, body, and soul. Whether you are using the Jasmine infused soap to get ready for a big work day or want to unwind after a stressful day in the evening, the soap will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated each and every time.


Using the soap bar everyday can help keep your skin smooth and free from any dryingness. It can also clarify and protect your skin in the most optimum way possible.


The power of Jasmine in skincare


Jasmine flowers have been used in Ayurveda for centuries because of its powerful remedies and rich fragrance. It can soothe your mind and body while hydrating your skin. Our incredible soap is infused with the natural floral extracts and pure essential oils of Jasmine that are guaranteed to uplift your mood and calm down your dry and sensitive skin.


In addition to its several mood uplifting qualities, the soap can also improve your skin’s elasticity, even out the skin tone, and balance oil production.


In addition to its mood-uplifting properties, the essence of the flower helps improve the skin’s elasticity, balance oil production, and also even out the skin tone.


Healthy skin–always


Jasmine flower is legendary for its incredible healing properties and its ability to support general health. The Vanshree Jasmine soap can give your skin a clear and vibrant look every time that you use it. A rather gentle soap which is perfect for all skin types, it can even out skin irregularities and leave your skin supple and hydrated with its lush lather.


Our soaps are designed for the health-conscious people with a yearning for outdoors who want to take better care of their skin but do not have enough time in their everyday life. Using the Vanshree Jasmine soap everyday is like giving your body spa therapy. The soap has powerful natural ingredients that can help your skin retain its softness and glow from within. Apart from that, the fragrance of the soap lasts for a long time and keeps you energetic all through the day.


The Vanshree Jasmine soap has many benefits, including:


  • It adds natural oils to your skin
  • It gently cleanses with its lush lather
  • It hydrates your skin from within
  • It leaves a subtle lingering Jasmine scent on your skin that follows you all day
  • It is 100% natural


Try the Vanshree Jasmine soap

Enriched with the rich properties of Jasmine, our soap can help cleanse, protect, and moisturize your skin while leaving it fresh, supple, and soft. Try the Vanshree Jasmine soap to know how it can benefit your skin and make it healthier from within.


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