Extruded from finest quality durum wheat semolina, Vermicelli is a healthy, easy to cook instant food commodity that is shaped like long rice. Appealing to the eyes and satisfying for the palate, vermicelli is used in various culinary methods ranging from breakfast recipes to desserts. The smooth, lumpless texture of vermicelli is processed with utmost care so that it absorbs maximum flavour in order to enable our consumers to savour its alimentary goodness in every course.


Kids, teenagers, middle-aged or old-aged, every category of connoisseur is fond of vermicelli as it looks like noodles, is easy to chew, convenient to cook and has an unmatched taste. Slurp it, roll it in your fork, pair it with crunch or drink it, the versatile and healthy composition of vermicelli makes it an all time favourite dish of foodies from all walks of the world.


Course of serving


Vermicelli, in India, is traditionally used to prepare a milk based dessert called kheer which is also considered as an important sweet during various Indian festivals. It makes a great choice of replacement of rice in pulao and noodles in chinese. It is savoured in falooda by topping it with dried fruits and ice cream.


Boil it in milk with nuts and saffron, toss it with veggies and spices, mix it in your favourite custard or simply bake it with fruit fillings, this delicacy will never cease to please you with its exceptionally delicious taste.


Vermicelli has a unique nature of blending in variety of food recipes without disturbing the original taste and authenticity of the dish.Gourmets have been experimenting their own recipes by using vermicelli due to its deliciously subtle taste that suits every kind of food palette.


Remarkably rewarding


Increasing awareness about healthy eating and living a fit lifestyle has made consumers conscious about what they consume. Intending to cater to this need, we make vermicelli using durum wheat semolina which is a healthier alternative and has qualities that provide your body with essential nutrients to boost your immune system by providing large amounts of energy.


Made in the most hygienic conditions, vermicelli can be savoured by diabetics too. It is rich in fibre, protein and energy which make it a great option of breakfast to start your day with. Anytime your taste buds crave for an intriguing and delicious dish, make your own vermicelli recipe or follow the traditional ones to satisfy your hunger and curb your cravings within a few minutes.


Delight your senses


Swift, delectable, nutritious and hearty, Vermicelli serves as a scrumptious temptation that you just can’t have enough. Try our well-balanced, wholesome vermicelli and tantalize your as well as your family’s taste buds by preparing various delicacies with it.


It is one of the few products that can be prepared effortlessly and still turns out to be a masterpiece that makes bellies happier. Get creative, make your own recipe or follow a renowned one to indulge in the wondrous taste of vermicelli that will leave the foodie inside you spellbound.


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