Vanshree Green Soap





Vanshree Green Soap

Devised with rejuvenating properties of the healing plant of Aloe Vera, Vanshree Green is a nourishing soap with powerful ingredients sourced from nature.


Soothe your senses with the rich lather and radiant texture of Vanshree Green, an effective cleansing bar that contains Aloe Vera’s restoring traits with an earthy, lime popsicle like aroma that brings the bar to life. It infuses freshness into your skin that lasts all day, and youth that gives you an irresistible glow.


Choosing the right soap is important as it comes in contact with your skin every day. This 100% natural Aloe Vera soap can work miracles for all types of skin whether it is dry, oily, sensitive or combined. The soap is especially designed to meet all of your skin’s needs and issues.


Enrich yourself

Handpicked leaves of the pea green coloured, tender plant of immorality- Aloe Vera, are used to artisan this all-natural soap bar. It is as close to true Aloe Vera as you can get and it brings mystique of the green to your bath.


Possessing antiseptic and antibacterial properties, this soft scented bar is fused with essential oils that soothe and heal damaged skin. Packed with the goodness of Vitamin A, C and E, it helps you achieve flawless, supple skin and nurtures from within.


Add the healthy regime of Vanshree green blended with florals to your routine and treat your skin with sun-kissed freshness.

Balanced skincare

We see your skin and bath from a unique perspective that is skin-telligence driven. We make your skin believe in the magic of nature. The soap bar cleanses gently, deeply and rejuvenates your skin by:

– Moisturizing naturally with its non-drying formula

– Cleansing the pores with is powdery exfoliating texture

– Reducing inflammation

– Hydrating your skin and keeping it healthy

– Lightening your dark spots

– Eliminating acne

It normalizes your skin from within, narrows the pores and waives off excessive oil. The versatile nature of Aloe Vera in the bar is suitable for all skin types and is in fact the prime alternative for sensitive skin. Those who love to pamper the nature and themselves will enjoy this aromatic experience.


Gift your skin the delight of Vanshree Green

We understand the amount of affection everyone has for their skin so we incorporate elements that best suit skin care and help the skin renew itself without any side effects. Use it in day time or night, it will give your skin a kick-start burst of freshness and at the end of the day regain freshness after a tiresome routine.


We aim to give your skin an alluring touch by keeping it clean, smooth and glowing. Try Vanshree Green to look, feel and live glamorous.


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Weight90 g