Vanshree Sandal Soap





Vanshree Sandal soap

Inspired by the golden rays of the sun, Vanshree Sandal is a deeply nourishing bar crafted by combining cosmetic, therapeutic and medicinal qualities of sandalwood. It is formulated with an aim to give you a golden glow and create long lasting yet delicate fragrance of sandalwood that has been highly valued for centuries.

Uplift your mood as you step out of the shower each time with the distinctive aroma of sandalwood that leaves your skin with the radiance you always wanted. Promising the most alluring vibe, it enchants your skin with its captivating charm.

Your body and mind are exposed to external threats all day. The qualities of naturally occurring sandal infused in this bar are proven to unleash a calming experience by releasing stress and reducing the pace of your thoughts.

Golden nourishment

We have fashioned Vanshree Sandal- a 100% natural bar by keeping in mind the hydrating and antioxidant characteristics of the ingredients to extend every known benefit of sandalwood to you. It provides your skin the much-needed protection from damage caused by ultraviolet rays and environmental pollution which leads to retainment of your skin’s moisture and glow.

Made with the extracts of sandalwood oil, daily usage promotes skin rejuvenation and health perks that help you treat skin conditions like acne, blemishes, rashes, dark spots and discolouration. Known to have anti-ageing properties, this natural bar with a woody scent makes your skin feel firmer by reducing the effect of fine lines.

Wake your skin every morning with the essence of nature without disturbing the natural balance of your skin and make your body feel refreshed and nourished all day long.

Skin-care regimen

The sublime engaging scent of sandalwood in these perfect shower sized bars are topped with an exfoliating texture that soothes sunburn, helps you get rid of skin tan and slows down your skin’s aging process.

With its ability to fight bacteria that causes acne, it proves to be a gift for acne prone skin as it aids deep purifying and cleansing of skin pores. It also works wonders on dull, tanned or pigmented skin by lightening it the pigments, detoxifying the layers and absorbing the excess oil.

Without a doubt, Vanshree Sandal is suitable for all skin types and outperforms every other soap available with its distinctive way of healing.

Experience the wonders of Vanshree Sandal

Clear skin is the true mark of perfect care and healthy routine of your body. Regular conditioning of skin with the right choice of products maintains the essential proteins under your skin that make you look appealing.

We have powered our products with exotic natural elements to help you be the natural you.

Vanshree Sandal brings back the nostalgia of grandma’s favourite sandal incense and prepares your skin for the adventures of today. Cleanse your soul and skin and embrace a one of a kind bathing experience to bring out and establish a one of a kind you.

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Weight90 g