Vanshree Rose Soap





Vanshree Rose Soap


With an authentic rose aroa, the Vanshree rose soap is beautiful and gentle. It has a soft rose fragrance that is guaranteed to invoke memories every time that you use it. Treat yourself to a gorgeous light and subtle spa day that you deserve with our all-natural rose soap.


Our unique take on one of the most classic scents around the world, the soap is perfect for everyday use. The very definition of luxury, everytime that you use Vanshree Rose soap, you will be surprised with how quickly it enhances your overall skin and makes it more healthy.


The power of rose


In ancient mythology, rose was a powerful symbol of love and adoration. If you are looking to discover your new favourite daily soap, try the Vanshree Rose which smells exactly like a vase full of fresh roses with subtle undertones. The notes of English rose and Turkish rose are to die for and they will make you want to use the soap, day after day. Created with a proprietary and unique blend of skin-loving ingredients, every bar moisturizes and hydrates your skin with its cleansing lather.


Richness and goodness


Our Vanshree Rose soap is a luxuriously creamy, rich, and extra gentle soap which is blended with the 100% natural ingredients that can give your body a natural glow. It is perfect for face and body, men and women. With the goodness of essential oils, the soap bar leaves you with a lovely scent of rose whenever you use it. It gently cleanses dirt off your skin and removes excess oil or makeup without stripping or drying your skin. It is ideal for dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, young skin, and aging skin.


Here are some of the many reasons why you will love Vanshree Rose soap:


  • Time tested recipe that will always remind you of fresh roses
  • Lush lather that gently cleanses the skin and makes you feel refreshed
  • Gentle and mild enough for all skin types
  • Completely natural


It is said that roses and love go together, and this soap bar is made with the perfect combination of roses and skin loving ingredients that will leave you feeling rejuvenated. We follow a long and strict process to get the formulation right for our soaps so that our customers can get only the best products.


Try the Vanshree Rose soap


Try our cleaning, balancing, purifying, softening, and moisturizing soap to know how it can make your skin amazing. It has brightening effects and it allows your skin to receive more nutrients, which in turn lead to better results. To make your skin firm, balanced and healthy, try the Vanshree rose soap today.


Additional information

Weight90 g