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Moong Special Papad


Prepared using best quality ingredients and the right mix of spices, Moong Special Papad is crispy and delicious enough to make every meal perfect. This papad is made using moong dal flour and can be served as an accompaniment, appetizer, or even as a topping for the salad. Each bite of papad is a feast with scrumptious taste.


We prepare these papads with ultimate care and make sure they are packed fresh without any moisture in order to ensure maximum shelf life. Healthy, tasty, light and crispy–the papad has just about everything you need.


A healthy snack

Appropriate for any and every age group, Moong Special Papad has health benefits that make it even more appealing. They papads are high in protein, fibre and promote the growth of good bacteria in your gut. Not to mention, they help promote digestion and metabolism which makes them the perfect snack before any meal. In fact these papads are a healthy snacking option to for any time during the day since they are extremely filling and fibrous as well.


Quick and superbly easy


Our Moong Dal papad are infused with just the right amount of crispness and flavour that will always leave you wanting for more. The thin, crisp, and disc shaped papad can be easily stored in your kitchen in a dry place and you can use them any or every time that you want.


Place the power over a preheated grill or your stove top to quickly roast them right before you have your meal. You can also top them with some butter and keep them in the microwave for thirty seconds to roast them. A quick appetizer for when you have guests over, these papad take less than a minute to prepare which allows you to entertain your guests and focus more on them instead of worrying about the dinner prep.


Promising quality


Moong Special Papads are disc-shaped flat papads that have been meticulously made with the perfect recipe and the blend of freshly handpicked ingredients. We make sure to use authentic and hygienic methods that strictly follow premium standards of quality. The spices make their flavour so irresistible that they’ll become a staple part of your meals


With our unique recipe, the taste of Moong Special Papad is sure to reach your home and become an important snack in your kitchen. Add it to your platter and taste what feels like an energizing taste in every crunch.


Buy Moong Special Papad today and complete your search for the most devouring snack available.


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