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Chana Masala Papad


Made from quality Chana Dal flour, a touch of Indian spices and dominant flavour of Cayenne pepper, Chana Masala Papad will give you a new ride of taste with every bite. This spicy variety of papad is delicious enough to capture a place among the staples in your diet.


Roast evenly on both sides, let them sizzle and serve them as an appetizer, an accompaniment with the traditional Indian main course or just an evening snack to experience the best of it. Our experienced professionals make and pack them with the utmost care to deliver the best taste and quality in your plate.


Scrumptious and delicious

This unique and unusual variety of papad boasts the hot flavour of cayenne pepper which is also a popular spice in the Indian kitchen. Capsaicin, an ingredient in cayenne pepper gives it its spiciness and medicinal properties which contributes to these papads as well. Chana Dal, on the other hand, is a delicious, nutritious and easily digestible lentil that is proven to increase the number of red blood cells in the body.


Whether you’re seeking for a relishing or a healthy snack, Chana Masala papad caters to both with its wholesome nature.


Quick to make


These fluffy and crunchy appetizers are perfect for both daily meals or for festive parties. Before the guests arrive, you prepare them quickly to make upf or some scrumptious appetizers before dinner gets served. In order to get the perfect crunch, place the papad on a preheated grill for a few seconds and turn it if required. You can also place the papad in the microwave for a healthy roast.


For an even more quicker preparation, just put the papad over the stove top with the help of tongs and keep turning it to get the perfect roast colour. Your guests won’t just be impressed by these delicious papads, but it will also leave them wanting for more and raving about your delicious dinner preparation for weeks.


An amusing experience


Packed with impeccable taste and superior quality, these papads will surprise and entice your taste buds. Discover the tangy taste of Chana Masala papads and make every meal an exciting one!


Choose Chana Masala Papad for your home, hotel or hostel and experience or witness others rejoice in its delightful crunch. Devour the taste of these papads any time of the day and change your mood from dull to bright in minutes.


Additional information

Weight200 g