Urad Special





Urad Special Papad


Made with the wholesome goodness of Urad dal, one of the most popular dals in South Eastern Asia, Urad Special Papad has incredible taste and an even more amazing crunch to it. Handpicked daal is carefully processed through a tedious but renowned method to make sure the quality of the papad keeping quality intact.


Our papads have a distinct blend that brings out the best taste, texture and a satisfying crisp in every munch. Whether you roast them or microwave them, they will taste just as amazing. You can have it as an appetizer before your meals, or add them directly to your everyday dishes.


Truly wholesome nutrition


The main ingredient of the papad, Urad Dal is one of the richest sources of proteins and vitamin B which makes eating these papads both healthy and scrumptious. Urad Dal is also known to possess ayurvedic qualities that can help strengthen your immunity.


The minerals present in Urad Dal improve bone health, oxygenate your blood and leave you with radiant skin and healthy hair. These papads have an exceptional taste and provide health benefits which makes them a complete package of boost for your daily intake.


Healthy, vegetarian, and completely delicious


Completely vegetarian with no added preservatives or colour, the Urad Special Papad offers the wholesome goodness of exclusive taste and unmatched quality. We make our papads with authentic Indian recipes that have been handed down by generations before us. We go the extra mile to ensure that the papad are made hygienically with complete care.


When you are about to plate your dinner at the end of a tiring day, you can quickly roast the special papad on the stove for less than a minute or put it into the microwave for a quick roast. To make your meals even more delicious, you can add some butter or chat masala to the papad. You can also add some crushed papad to your favourite dishes in order to add some much needed crunch to your otherwise boring everyday meal.

Crunchy meals every day


These perfectly crispy papads can be a great accompaniment to your meals. Light and easy to digest, Urad Special Papad can be consumed with salad and they even make a great evening snack. Every effort is taken by us to deliver the choicest ingredients and premium taste to you.


Buy a pack of Urad Special papad and bring delight to the dining table within minutes. Be it a regular meal, a party, brunch, or an outing, these irresistibly flavourful papads easily become the highlight of each occasion


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