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Moong Punjabi Papad


Prepared using fine moong dal flour, Moong Punjabi Papad is so delectable that it is guaranteed to become your favourite part of the meal. The crisp and light feel of this papad combined with its spicy black pepper flavour is perfect for those looking for a little zing in their everyday meals.


Freshest of ingredients and authentic recipes are used to make these mouth-watering papads with a spicy twist. Serve it as a starter by topping it on top of your salad, add it to your everyday subzi or add it to your regular dal chawal combo for a powerful crunch– the spicy flavour of this papad is fit for just about every type of food.


Quality meets taste


Studded with Indian spices, the Moong Punjabi Papad is nutritional, suits every crunchy requirement and can add fun to your food. While making these papads, we ensure the maintenance of supreme quality and hygiene from the start to the end to make sure you get only the freshest and crunchiest papad.


Moong dal which is rich in fibre proportionately combined with black pepper which has the goodness of vitamin A, C and K proves to be an effective appetiser and it is also good for digestion. These papads not only serve your hunger pangs but also add value to your meal.


A quick and easy appetizer


Authentic and handmade papad with absolutely no preservatives, our Moong Punjabi Papad are made with the age old recipes that have been handed down from generations. We take special care in making and packaging these papads to make sure they are superbly delicious and crunchy everytime that you eat them.


Roast them over the stove for 10-20 seconds while you are plating your dinner or just put them in the microwave for 30 seconds to quickly cook them. These papad offer an explosion in your mouth with their rich flavour and authentic ingredients.


A truly versatile snack


These low calorie, crisp, and delicious papads are so satisfying that they can make just about any meal more fun. It is truly an all rounder yummy snack for all kinds of meals. Whether you are looking to add more fun to your daily meals or you just need a healthy snack for evening hunger pangs, these round papad discs with crispy texture and unique flavour are perfect for just about everything.


Get your hands on Moong Punjabi Papad and relish the flavour that will take you to the popular land of North Punjab.


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