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Urad Punjabi Papad


Made with the perfect mix of enriching Urad Dal and black pepper, Urad Punjabi Papad is crispy, crunchy and utterly delicious. Made the healthy way, these papads are the perfect snack for the diet conscious and the ones who just want to add more healthy options in their meals without compromising on taste.


The black pepper in this papad offers a spicy and unparalleled taste. That is why the Urad Punjabi Papad is the perfect way to spice up your ordinary meals. Our papads are packed in a moisture-free hygienic atmosphere to retain their freshness and extend their shelf life to make sure they stay fresh for a long time.


Nutritious snack


Urad Punjabi Papads offer you the best of both worlds –the goodness of black pepper and the nutrition of Urad Dal. Both are rich sources of minerals, fibre and several nutrients which make these papads an ideal and healthy appetizer. They are also a great healthy alternative other fried starters as they improve your digestion and metabolism.


These papads are made with our signature recipe which is why they contain the perfect ingredient, neither less nor more. We use the authentic papad recipes that have been handed down and loved by generations before us.

Perfect for hunger pangs

These papads are perfect for people who need a love a little kick of flavour and spice in their meals. Rolled out and packed perfectly, these papads remain fresh for a long time so that you can enjoy their exquisite crunchiness whenever you cook them.


You can put the Urad Punjabi Papad in a microwave for thirty seconds to get the perfectly cooked papad to go with your meals. Or you can also grill the papad on the stove top with the help of tongs to get the perfect roast.


Choose Urad Punjabi Papad


By providing exceptional taste and quality, we have carved a niche for ourselves in the papad market. You just can’t afford to miss this quality proven range of papad composed by us. Whether it is guests or hunger that arrives unpronounced, Urad Punjabi papads are a blissfully spicy snack to serve them both.Impress your guests with the perfect appetizer that will never disappoint.


Bring home a packet of Urad Punjabi Papad, its spicy flavour and aroma are sure to make the gourmet within each one of you, dance to the tunes of its flavour. Buy a pack today to add the much needed fun to your daily meals.


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